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Congress is finalizing their FY25 budget, and now's our chance to ensure Long Covid research funding is included! Calling takes just a few minutes and has a big impact.

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My name is _____ and I am your constituent. Like 18 million other Americans, I have Long Covid.

[Insert a short personal story about your battle with Long Covid]

Long Covid patients still have zero FDA approved treatments and there is little sense of urgency relative to the scale of the emergency. We need to do much more, much faster.

This means that we need a budget that includes:

I would also be grateful if the Senator would support adding Long Covid to the list of Topic Areas for the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program in the Defense Appropriations bill.

  • At least $1B for NIH Long Covid research
  • $200M to ARPA-H for “high risk, high reward” Long Covid research
  • $20M to fund the HHS Office of Long Covid Research & Practice
  • $13.5M to the AHRQ for best practices in Long Covid care.

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Thank you for calling!

Your support means the world to us. Making our collective voices heard helps everyone suffering from Long Covid, and we really appreciate you spending time to help fight for treatments.

Please take a moment to let us know how your calls went, and consider sharing this guide with others to multiply our efforts!

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