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We are demanding $1B+ in annual research funding for Long Covid.

18 million Americans.

0 treatments.

There are an estimated 18 million Americans suffering from Long Covid and zero proven treatments. Many are too sick to leave their beds, work, or care for their family. Research funding is drying up and the U.S. has no additional plans to support clinical trials.

The moonshot solution.

Our campaign's primary goal is to achieve a minimum of $1B in annual funding for research & therapeutic clinical trials. Consistent research funding means a much better chance of getting us the treatment we need.

Orthostatic intolerance

Post-exertional malaise

Cognitive dysfunction

Long Covid is not just some mild lingering after-effects of an acute infection. Symptoms are often severely debilitating. Many people with Long Covid deal with post-exertional malaise, which leaves them in a horrible symptom flare after even mild exertion like taking a shower. Others are bed-bound due to orthostatic intolerance.

Everyone is at risk.

People of all ages and pre-existing health statuses can develop Long Covid. Many are young and healthy prior to their infection, yet still end up with Long Covid. Having a mild case doesn't mean you won't develop this condition. A majority of Long Covid cases follow a mild infection.

Covid is still prevalent.

The risk of catching Covid has not gone away. In fact, we have just exited the second worst wave since the start of the pandemic. The virus continues to mutate and spread rapidly with several surges per year.

To reduce your risk of infection be sure to wear a high quality mask (N95+), ventilate your spaces, and avoid crowds.

Each infection is a gamble.

Every new Covid infection increases your overall risk of developing Long Covid. The only way to completely prevent Long Covid is to not get Covid.

1 in 18

Americans have Long Covid




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